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    Sorry for such a big post.... but I have written this just for one person. You may skip if you want ...

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    And I lost you again...

    Police: What have you lost? What was its price?

    My heart to me :

    I have lost something that I could not describe in words
    I have not just lost a device; I have lost much more than that.
    How could I describe it just in words..

    I have lost that first thing that
    I had bought from my first ever salary.
    Yah It was device which had most of beautiful memories
    Of my best ever friendship with her.
    It was the only witness of that whole beautiful journey.
    Who had known all the secrets other than both of us.

    I still remember her first message when she added me in her life,
    I still remember her first voice when she called me first time.
    I still remember how we used to chat for hours
    And that device was always full of energy like me.

    Its screen had seen lots of things in two years
    From my first blush with wide smile
    Whenever we used to call each other.
    It had seen my wet and red eyes in lonely night…
    When I used to read our old chats.

    I still remember how beautiful that screen used to look
    When it showed your pic as a caller image.
    And I still remember my tear on that screen just like a pearl;
    When tears used to roll down on that screen while looking at your name.
    It’s the same device on which I had listen
    Those three words from; on midnight of birthday.

    Its camera has captured lots of memories of us,
    While we had laugh together,
    While we used to keep staring at each other
    Instead of that camera.
    He had captured our first group photo
    And also our last selfi

    And the one thing which was common in both
    In that device and me was;
    We both had a secret folder; Full of your memories
    Which I used to open every night when I missed you,
    Sorry every night I still miss you.

    I have not lost just a cellphone;
    I have lost our biggest memory;
    I have lost my inner peace,
    I have lost the thing which was not less you.
    And once again I have lost you….
    My Ex-Best friend…

    Police: Hey, Tell me?

    Me (with wet eyes): Yup, handset; I have lost my handset of just few thousand rupees.