• thekingsscribe 46w


    The apple
    And the android
    Makes us androids that bite apples
    Early on in the mornings
    Our eyes are stuck
    Fixed on their screens
    We barely utter a prayer to God like we used to
    Neither do we peer over at our wives
    Or boos to see if they still breath lifes breath
    Instead we check the news
    Twitter and Facebook feeds
    Praying to the electro-godz
    That they would still fulfill our needs
    We need to be in the know
    Whether or not our inbox still rocks
    With messages from our
    Pieces on the side
    Like turkey
    Green beans and sweet potatoe pie
    Sweet to the lips yet death is sure to rise
    We check emails before we say hi
    Or good morning to those household members
    And the lord some vow to love
    They are the electro-godz
    gods with little geez
    The world is the night of the living dead
    Populated with zombies