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    To all the heartbroken girls out there and to the ones not heartbroken too..
    All guys are not the same.. some are just so beautiful yes beautiful can be used for boys too... They can be your strength and your life can be an undreamt fairytale!!

    "You just need one guy to teach you all the guys are not the same".❤️

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    @_harsh77 your one of the post digged me into this thought.

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    All guys are not the same.

    Yes truly they are not the same.
    Some are gem of pearls..some are hell out there.
    Some are the loyal souls and others the cowards.
    Some are pure..other heart wrenching impures.
    Some are like the fairytale.. others just like the lust tales.
    But all are not the same.all guys are not the same.
    Some give you tiring pain..and from some you get mesmerising gain.