• wierdphilosopher 53w

    Let me die

    I want to cinder
    'cause I hate living like this
    I feel like
    A trapped fish
    You know
    I behave like a carcass
    Which never react,
    Never complain

    I have to adorn my bier
    Then to collect my ashes

    I know my dear ones,
    My friends
    Surely will cannonade brine

    Don't think I'm an astray
    It's just
    I'm eagerly waiting to reach
    My destination ie catacomb

    Watch! How much seared I'm looking
    I request you
    Let me die

    My bale fire will surely
    Not disappoint anyone
    But will delight someone
    Someone whose smile
    Matters for me a lot

    I cede myself
    To the beautiful death

    And for my dear ones
    "Please don't bemoan mates"

    I'm frustrated
    Let me die
    And in a heavy tone