• wierdphilosopher 10w

    I don't know

    I don't know
    what kind of shit
    I'm going through
    how could someone
    make me feel so lonely
    I don't know
    why this stuff
    made me a stone faced
    I don't know
    you were actually mine
    or not
    I don't know
    why you called me today
    to spread salt on my wounds
    or to nurture them
    I thought
    I forgot you
    left you
    much behind myself
    but today
    you made me realise
    my mistake
    yes you were
    a mistake
    worst one
    or a beautiful one
    I've ever did
    I just don't know
    I don't know why
    you cried on line today
    do I still matter to you
    you are misusing
    my sentiments

    you made me on my knees today
    I wanted to say, cry, shout
    louder than my senses
    that LEAVE ME
    but I couldn't

    maybe I still love you
    or maybe I don't

    now I'm
    standing on a boundary
    Which divides a valley
    and a long dug well

    I don't know
    Which side to jump
    or to walk on this boundary only....
    maybe I still love you
    or maybe I don't.......

    Wierd Philosopher