• darkmist 28w

    Not one of my good works... But yeah
    This is not really the rhyming poem... Kind of prose poetry.

    I hope my wish come true though ♡♥ ..


    This one is for you!! (who are reading this) ~♥~

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    This is just the beginning
    And not the end;
    We have just met
    And still that bond is unbreakable I think
    There will be times
    We'll go apart, on our ways
    If what we had was true..
    We will surely meet again.

    You are that fire to my soul ;
    An ignite of hope in that dark canvass
    Hope will always be there for me.
    Just thinking about you makes my day;
    And arguments just makes it worse.

    Hope this friendship continues
    And never get a chance to fade.
    I wish you never leave my side like others!
    The ones who just withered like wheathers...
    Having doubts in my mind
    Wishing that you are not one of them.!
    I hope my wish come true
    I hope my wish come true! ♡