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    ✌❤She's a warrior❤✌

    She's a warrior, the princess of doom.
    She will take your soul, if you don't leave to soon.
    She carries guns, one in each pocket, you better run.
    She owns the night, the sky blue light.

    She's evil, she's fast, she doesn't give you a second chance.
    She believes in fighting for light in the rain dance.
    She's beautiful but mean
    She's naughty and in the evening, she would be seen.

    She will fight you to be happy.
    She's been down and all around.
    Her spirit animal is a Wolfy lion.
    She will jump on you and tear you up.
    Losing this game of thrones, wouldn't be enough.
    She's fierce, she's wild
    She is a complicated child.

    She will hand you her grace
    She will hold on to that ace.
    She will look at the face
    While tearing down your space.
    She's a warrior, the princess of doom.
    She sleeps in a dark place that she calls her room.
    She's a warrior, the princess of doom.


    ��Written this to tell her demons that she is a warrior
    Demon demon go away...Don't come ever...Just stay away��

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    And the time she tried hard to fake a smile...The brutal world asked for a change
    The time when her pillow was getting soaked with tears...The world ordered her to bear
    And she did...
    The time when her mind was full of hatred for self...The world pitied her
    The time she tried to get up....The world sympathised
    The time she was struggling to get up....Stumbling between the emotions and the real life....The world rejoiced
    The time she was failing...The world was laughing
    The time when her demons almost gulped her...Like a warrior she rose up
    But failed to self...She has changed...