• tathyajain 46w

    My vehicle

    Something which is very cheap in my agora
    All it says to show a little from your side
    I was a tramp i gave control to many to drive my vehicle
    All jolly started ended banging, left the seat
    One nicely dressed pallor came took the control i was quite fragile in trusting
    As faced many tragedy
    Trusted my fault
    He banged the worst i can say
    Others showed chivalry and did apologised
    He in return told that the fault is in me

    I do agree ,now trusting any one is tough
    I didnt asked to drive ,they were fascinated about the vehicle
    But little they knew about the track i offer
    I am never sad about it but when that pallor
    Stepped back i just felt i trusted wrong

    But yes the road is tough and i surely will get a driver who can complete the journey with me

    I am waiting for that driver

    hope the person comes soon