• hafsababa 46w

    What Does Nothing Feel Like?

    Ant bites are a different kind of pain
    because they burn where they sting
    coalescing the skin to form a wen that is
    drained of all the blood that once lived
    erasing memory of emotions, leaving behind
    floating melancholy so we swim until the
    galaxies drown and what is left of us, floats in
    hallucinations that taste like boiled olive oil
    infested in the burning smell of gasoline that
    jolts your bones to clink against each other
    kindly, so they don't break but are enough to
    let you know that they can, it can sound like
    music that lets your pores liberate in goosebumps
    nestling clamour until it screams from the
    oak trees that have branches that let the
    poise in your soul, spread in your veins
    quietly, so it can stop your blood from
    rushing like waves towards your
    skin, until you can let your skin
    turn into green rust that never leaves
    usurping against the accord to stay, on the
    verges of nails that refuse death
    withstanding even after the heart stops,
    xeroxing every blissful moment until the
    zest to continue is hopeless

    Nothing feels like everything that ends