• prakriti_yadav 25w

    First of all,
    Goodbye 2017 and hello 2018.
    Like everything that comes and goes creating an impact on our body and soul, this year did the same.
    I remember, I enthusiastically welcomed 2017 with some new year's resolutions which I was going to follow whole year. Those resolutions lasted for a week though �� so this year I'm not making any.
    January, February, March....Well March was the best month. Months passed and here we are on the last day of December.
    This year I have met so many people some stayed till last on whom I can count on. Some with whom I talk but the bond is finished. And some with whom I don't talk anymore.
    My heart has been broken. Amended. Loved. Hurted. Felt blissed. Felt pain. But if all that matters is end then I'm happy.
    Happy cause I became a year older. Some more matured. Learnt more things. And all those pain and heartaches have gained me in experience.
    I have been a mess but now I can see I have cleared all of them.
    I have made space for new mess. For new pains. For new joys and for new experiences.
    This year will end too. Soon. And it'll feel like time flies. But that's life. Right??
    So I wish everyone happy new year. May you gain more success and experience this new year.

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    As it's the last day of year
    I looked at myself.
    Some more scars are added
    Both on my body and my soul.
    And some from the past are healed.

    I've been a mess this year.
    But today when I look back.
    I can see it has been cleared.
    I have made space
    To create more mess.

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