• jharna 49w

    All the girls out there.....
    Sending you hugs and love....

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    Today is international girls day.
    I am sending lots of love to all the girls who have stood strong during the hardest time of their life.
    To the ones who have survived a breakup with scars proudly open
    To the ones who dare to dream big and are working hard on it.
    To the ones who are sacrificing their own interest for the love of family.
    To the ones who going through severe disease with the hope of getting well.
    To the ones who are contributing to the society by means of social welfare.
    To all the female sports girl who are making us proud.
    To all the scholars who are putting our name on frame.
    To all the beautiful girls participating in beauty pageants
    To everyone out there .
    I wish you all the luck and success.
    Stay strong and be proud of your self