• loving_reverie 11w

    Go away!

    In one day the year will be over.
    Go away to never come back
    Go away like everyone else
    Go away like damsel memories engaged with the past and in the argument with the future to never show her face.
    Go away without saying goodbye because last day of the year will be as same as the first and second and all the others as nothing gonna change.
    There might be slight fluctuation in seismic but I will do fine after all
    I did held myself in brimming edge
    I did clutched myself in unwanted waiting
    And gave my service in catering to unknown guests in the strange masquerade party of 7 sins deceived by masks.
    But still go away
    There is hopelessness everywhere
    Go away like i wanted to go
    But i can't
    Neither he will.

    He will replace the place
    and rediscovered the discovery
    Because there are still parts left to be
    get overly matured with the time and his presence and i don't want him to stay in
    My place, wear my clothes
    Read my books and live in that place.

    He is the smoke
    I'm the air
    Erased and replaced
    By my own breathe,
    But i wanted him to know
    That i fought till the end
    Without seeing the light
    And how my naked eagerness to look out for him
    Started turning
    To walk away.

    And as one has the right to shout
    I'm shouting

    Go away 2017
    ( please take his part too)