• lonisdiaries 53w

    I believe that the love of your life is out there somewhere looking for you or waiting to be found
    I believe that even if you fall in love with someone whose love is not as strong as yours
    Maybe he has a different future destined for himself and no matter what happens he is bound by his destiny to follow a certain path where you are not allowed to follow him
    I believe when such a situation arises you have only two choices left.
    The first is to forget the love of your life and move on which is a very tough task to do
    The second one is a bit painful but you get to be with your love throughout lifetime
    All you have to do is never leave his side.. If not as a lover but as a friend be there to support him forever
    It does not matter what Name do you give to a relationship bound by love
    He can be your Best friend, Your brother, Or simply Your Soul Mate
    All that matters is if you love him you have to be happy in his happiness
    its not a condition, Love means finding happiness in your love's happiness
    Even if he has to marry someone else which is not a choice in his hands
    Be there to support him in his marriage
    Be there to help him out in each manner required
    Because its a game of Destiny ... This Wonderful feeling called Love ‚̧