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    Behind every breakup there was a lovely tale, a tale of love lost its path

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    Journey of a breakup

    I hear breakups every now and then
    All it begins from melting two better halves
    Ends in breaking too many little halves.
    Heart then weeps likes a roaring lion

    Mind gets live into stereo mode
    keeps replaying every beautiful memory you two made together for countless time.
    Deep lost in the forest of thoughts.

    Back in their sweet nineties
    they had a fairytale a lovely tale.
    Once those luscious lips wondered the nectar of love,
    Those comforting words caring hands and the forever promises showered you into the cloud nine moment

    Fallen for the lover,drifted through the fairy fantasy,where they together became god and goddess of their own lovely tale.
    Long forgotten,there exists dark clouds.

    Alas!! A deep thunder bold stroke them thrown away from the cloud nine!!!!
    Oopsy Daisy,Here in the room of sadness angerness
    They brooded themselves into moody clouds
    Cried.cursed.fought.and on and on and on