• unsaid_secrets 46w

    I have hold the moon and the stars,
    You are mine and so your scars,
    All your frowns and your smiles,
    Hand in hand we can walk for miles.

    All your problems and your aches,
    Now are mine forever for your sake,
    All your up's and your down's,
    Are now the streets to my towns,

    No matter we fight or when you whine,
    When your dreams becomes mine and my nights become yours,
    When you had lost yourself I found you,
    I hold your hand and brought you back from the drowning sea.

    I fight with your demons and help you start new,
    My whole world feels complete when I look at you,
    You are mine and as long as I am with you I'll be fine,
    Together forever I'll be yours and you'll be mine.❤