• bluebird 2w

    Wish #1 Here it is. For you crazy soul.

    Inspired by the song Forest. Probably you have never heard.

    This isn't stupidity, it should be friendship goals for you.
    A wishlist I have to complete. Before it's too late again.

    This is what happens when a person forces you to write. This is what happens when you are reluctant, yet for that dead smile, you do such things...

    #hearMe @writersnetwork

    Probably relatable to your childhood too?
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    Once upon a time it was
    When I wasn't unconscious of my short skirts
    Skinny skinned today; skinny skinned I was,
    Many a questions were professional activists
    Why did the Moon chase me, didn't you use to think?
    And a wondrous touch must have poked you through,
    Is my face looking same from every eye?
    Weren't we all worried for similar queries
    A question bothered me then,
    It bothers me now to know that there are other people with my name.
    How did babies come out of the lady's womb?
    And yes, why did dragons like to capture princesses in their tombs?
    There were tales and lores of a rose shade
    I never suited those pink plastic toys,
    I was too busy making swords out of thermocols
    And camps with our levitating bed sheets
    Wasn't I too busy getting bruised with my brother?
    Pulling each other's hair, cursing our own blood we grew up
    And somehow we ended up living for each other...
    After all of these years you've lived,
    Doesn't it bother you a bit, there are other people with your name?
    Eating each other's halves of halves
    Licking off the chocolate from each others hands (yes we did)
    And laughing for hours over the floor
    Till my cheeks hurt and this stomach burst,
    Being angry for days yet a sorry would work it out,
    Somewhere in the middle we wanted to grow up
    And we did grow to be what we are today...
    Don't I miss those little sorry's?
    Their magical power to kill this silence,
    Don't I miss your senseless jokes on me?
    Doesn't it bother me to know that there are other people with my name?