• alazne_ 4w


    What exactly is your definition of constant. What is that, that keeps you from sleeping even after that hard day? Hope it is not me. Hope it's not me whose thought put a smile on your face and make your stomach flutter. No, not because I dont want you to. Ask my midnight food cravings how much I rattle about you, ask those tears that flow rather easily when there is not a single text from you. See, not because I dont want you to, but because as much as I am a constant for you, you turn me off like a switch from your life. You throw me as those sticky notes on your wall. Where I have not been able to move on from you even once you have gone and come back several times. And now you know I am fine. The problem is I am just fine. Maybe, somewhere in the past I lost my good days and now I don't even remember how to be more than fine.