• a_way_to_infinity 23w

    What is our greatest fear?
    I know, many of us, can't actually put words to...because we usually don't know about them!
    And we, ourselves, carry a lot of 'greatest fears' with us that we, generally, can't get to know which, is the greatest one!
    But let me tell you one thing, what I've learnt and still learning a lot, that, our greatest fears can be our greatest strengths;
    Our greatest darkness can be our only way to thr light;
    Our greatest sorrow can be our greatest relief;
    Our greatest demons can be our only angels
    And Our greatest scars can be our only healers...!!

    Which we consider one of our greatest fears and strengths too because we keeps on hurting from it and keeps on growing too!
    Anything which leads to our fall, is the only thing which can help us rise.

    When we play blindfolded with our weaknesses, we actually beat them!
    And I can say, fears are nothing but our paths of illusions,
    our paths of misconceptions,
    our paths of fakenesses.

    A lot of us go through Life with everything we need which is right in front of us or within us
    but due to that "fear" of ours, we usually became blind towards them.

    So, why not cherish all those greatest fears of ours with our greatest strengths!!

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