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    This is my story..
    The story of how I'm conquering depression.

    To all those out there suffering from depression,

    Don't hide it.
    Shout it out.
    Share your story of how you conquered/are conquering depression.
    And use the hashtags below

    To all those who wants to help this cause,
    Repost this, and tell them,
    I see you
    I care about you
    I will stand by you


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    Part 2

    A month goes by,
    and I can't remember the last time that I was truly happy.
    Don't get me wrong,
    I do laugh, I do smile,
    and I do all the the things that I used to do.
    But now there's was just one difference,
    I was hollow inside.
    To this day I haven't found an accurate way to express what I feel inside.
    Because even when I was explaining how sad I was,
    I was smiling and talking about it like it was just another conversation topic.
    But it wasn't.

    Why am I smiling and laughing and seemingly okay outside,
    and yet,
    Slowly dying inside.