• abandoned_alone 48w

    #nebula #haiku #women

    She has flaws & curves, perfections & imperfections , softness in her hardness
    She has a heart of alchemy
    She turns the world to gold from inside out.
    She is answer to every mystery
    She is cold and she is warmth
    She is a nightmare, she is a daydream
    She is a sparkling star..
    She shines vigorously for others when it's dark..
    She is a mixture of Violet , Indigo , Blue , Green , Yellow, Orange , Red...
    She ia as plane as pure as white as milk..
    She is a most beautiful Soul alive..
    Hold her, let her live...
    Or she'll be faded away as that BLUEMOON

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    Escaped Secret

    Heart of Alchemy, she possess
    Let her live or she'll fade away,
    as that BLUEMOON