• olivi20 2w

    Who I'm meant to love?

    The tall, dark and handsome gentlemen undercover,
    The brainy, witty and quiet minded sinister,
    The hollow, in depth and peculiar conversationalist
    or just the regular guy living for today.

    Who I'm meant to love
    The discreet, diplomatic and loyal lover that isn't willing to open up,
    The mundane, stereotypical "guy" whose only down and dirty for what's under
    The senile, outdated and unhip old school fanatic who refuses to adapt in the continuous evolution of the world
    or do I just settle for the one who has it all figured out, the overambitious zealot

    Must there be a definition to his character
    The one that society paints him
    The narrow minded ideologies that worsen his figure
    That most likely taints his better half a horrid red.

    Who I'm meant to love
    Is there this perfect being with twice the halo?
    Or an undercover Christ-like patriot
    Too much of what the world wants him to be
    Too much of what I want the world to see him be
    But it's about him being he that is suited for me.

    I'm not made to love without rationale
    nor love without love
    Or a facade of restrictions
    I'm made to love a king,
    The kind who knows he needs me as I do him
    A king that will arms wide lift me into his kingdom
    so that we share equal rights and lay foundations to a plan.
    I'm not made to love no ordinary man
    But one who's been through hell and back
    And can still trace his bloodline of royalty.
    I'm made to love a man wholeheartedly
    But first he must grace me in love, hope, and charity.