• louloulou 7w

    Red String

    I've held onto you and you've held onto mine
    The days we've shared, embedded in my mind.
    I can still remember the day I confessed
    The day I whispered and told myself
    "My heart, it will never rest"

    We have laughed at our mistakes
    Saved ourselves from our young ways
    From our misunderstandings we learned
    And for better days we yearned

    We have braved the storms
    And still believe that we'll go beyond
    I can still remember the night I confessed
    The night I whispered and asked myself
    "Should I leave out all the rest?"

    Because I can't feel a red string
    But once you believed in something
    You'll concede to it
    Struggling with the reasons
    You don't want to admit

    Sometimes I wish to take back yesterday
    Change the situation, I want to escape
    A promise that I should never have made
    Is the promise that should never fade

    Because I can't feel a red string
    But once you longed for on another
    You'll concede to it, for forever
    Just because you don't want to hurt her