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    When in Hardships and Good times,
    When in Failures and Success,
    When in Conjunction and Divisions,
    When in Sadness and Happiness,

    Take a break,
    And Lets go to a place,
    A place where you can be the same,
    A place where you are always welcome irrespective of your status,
    A place where you are greeted with hugs and positivity,
    A place where your Dad is waiting to spend time with you,
    A place where your Mom wants to feed you your favorite dish,
    A place where your Baby brother is waiting to be tucked into bed,
    A place where your elder sister is waiting to hear you out,
    A place where your best friends and you laugh each other's pain and frustration out.

    Lets go,

    Find an atmosphere that always makes you smile.

    Seek that zone where you find comfort.

    Unveil that identity to introduce you to yourself again.

    Lets Go,
    Lets go to that place where you can always go back to.
    Lets go rejoice happiness,
    Lets go be in peace,
    Lets go live life,
    Lets go Home.

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    Lets Go Home...

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