• fatimaha 37w

    We all dream big
    To an extent that is
    And sometimes unnecessary
    We all want to be like the famous celebrities
    The ones that depend on expensive living
    Don't forget that they were once like you
    Dreaming to be like that
    They had the talents
    And could grow larger with it
    But you
    What do you have....
    A talent of many
    That doesn't include all what celebrities face
    That doesn't obstruct your freedom from society
    That doesn't deny your other abilities apart from that one
    Then why depend solely
    On becoming a celebrity
    When we need more people like you out there
    To portray different characters
    So that our generation
    Will emulate your footsteps
    Use you as a role model
    Don't give up your big dreams
    You'll be someone great
    Not someone like Rihanna
    But yourself
    Discover your dreams
    Thoroughly before it's late
    Don't force yourself on becoming a star
    Live with certain limits