• manshi 23w

    Hi India,
    This is Nirbhaya typing.
    Remember me? Of course you do? I was raped in a moving bus. That's what it takes you to remember a rape case, because rape isn't bad enough, it has to involve an iron rod, a moving bus and multiple men. India, your standards are high!
    So, I made a friend here in heaven, her name's Asifa. She's new here, she keeps really quite. What did you do to her? I've heard she was gang-raped in a temple, is it? A new way of worshipping, India?
    A police officer raped her, well they raped me as well, but not literally.
    India now that we're dead, your sisters are in perpetual terror again, now that we're dead, you can pretend to care. Our names have become political agendas, haven't they? Have you not done the 'cute' candle march yet? But make sure candle march is over at 8 P.M., because the women must go home, or else they might be raped there as well?
    Remember, I died in Singapore, when I was flown for treatment? I am so thankful I didn't died in India. I've heard your men rape corpses too?