• safeerlone 47w


    Back up against the wall .
    And their is nowhere to turn.
    I profound myself ,
    in the dark shades .
    You pour me ,the silience .
    in that nights .
    where in your presence .i burst .
    Lashing out my all pains .but still it chokes .
    Down their in veins, hollowness is filled.
    makes me all deserted.
    takes my life slowly piece by piece.
    Feels like my every part is connected to pains .
    dying again and again .
    everytime I use to battle, i become ash .memories kill after .
    not in my own hands now .
    I've a blank soul ,painted by pains.
    Held by a single ray.
    coming out of concrete walls .
    days of battle are gone .and i their watching the shooting star to brust .and i will be gone.
    With that dust ,flying with the winds .
    their i will get wings piece by piece .

    Safeer Lone