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    I was trapped in my own chaos, i was crying, i was sobbed in tears, i was disturbed then you came, and something changed you helped me came out of those problems and showed me a way to live a better life. You came as a friend and gradually you became close to my heart. I am blessed you came to my life now we are not together but i will always love you and will always care for you.

    "Why you came to my life, i was happy without you" those words many say after break up but i can't because i know if you wouldn't have came i would have still stucked in that same chaos. You came and everything changed i realized what love was. You showed me what love was. Those kisses, those hugs, those late night conversations, those movie dates where i could hold your hand and keep my head on you shoulders became a part of life. You became part of life.

    We loved each other with all our heart, we were happy together. And one night because of circumstances everything changed, now we were not together. And i am lost again. Now i write to express my feelings because now the words i say doesn't matter to anyone. Do you know?? I write only for you. Each and every word means something. And i want you back in my life. And i will never loose my hopes and will try forever till eternity.


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    I am blessed you came ....
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