• wordstreet 14w

    Hey all! A break please. Read.

    So, from where do I start? Well, almost a week ago a friend of mine told me to escape from the reality for some days, he told me about this app called Mirakee. That time I was unknown of the fact that after a week I’d have something special in my life for real, the irony, isn’t that? I am not a writer, not even a storyteller; I am just a normal guy like any of you with some little passion to try out everything new, every day. I joined here. Neither, I had too many followers nor I’ve never followed many talented writers, though I’ve seen them, they are yet to be followed by me.
    But let’s just be frank for a second, who the hell wants to play “follow me follow me” game when you can have really talented friends, I was here to escape & only escape for an indefinite time period. In the meantime, I have been treated very well, people here showed the love and appreciation in a way that I can never forget! No, don’t go on words, writers always play with words & emotions,. Alright, I am taking a short break as it doesn’t matter how much you escape from reality, reality embraces you when it wants. I am a bachelor, a knowledge seeker & obviously a greedy career maker for myself , I too have responsibilities towards myself, my family, friends & society. I am taking a much-needed break. It's temporary. But, before I go, as my reminiscence I want to thank each & every soul who loved me, who cared for me like a family. They made me feel elated whenever I felt low & ‘writing’. They've been teaching me things knowingly or unknowingly. I wanna thank them all in person, just in plain words with real emotions & nothing else, no post, no wizardry of words, nothing. 
    I’d like to start with @writersnetwork, the very first follower for all of us thanks writers for having me here!

    @willow923 you have been an inspiration man! thanks a lot!

    @nsboriginal hey bro! This is our first talk maybe :D thanks for the every like & every continuous repost

    @deepti_deshwal we haven’t talked much, right? thank you very much for reading my boring lines dear!

    @monika_kakodia hey Monika! Thanks for all the reposts, your support is always much appreciated

    @v4lyf_ you dropped me the very first comment, I remember you! :D thank you very much Vedika!

    @charulcs okay, you were the first one jisne mujhe daanta : you are a good-hearted person, have faith & stand firm for yourself, always. ☺

    @miss_maya I don’t have a lot to say, you have been a very generous supporter & I can’t thank you enough in words.. still I try, thanks a lot ma’am!

    @catherin hey thanks for all those unlimited likes, I thank you from the bottom of the heart.

    @mhd_53 bhai bhai! Thanks

    @atulitgarg bro! *waving at you*

    @aaravanisha thanks for all the support you have shown!

    @shruti_bhatt “namra” ka apko namra abhivaadan ☺

    @budding_ca_inter clever guy, challenge seeker, bhai gd luck for the CA finals btw..

    @subhaiti Thanks for the support man lkin ek baat mujhe aaj tak samjh nahi aayi bhai tum mujhe baar baar unfollow-follow kyon karte ho yaar?

    @Thebabblingbrook tumhare dimag ka toh jawab nahi!! Ab toh bta do are you a science student??

    @shivaniyadav_13 Bhai kaisi hai?! Kisi ko humor sun sun ke hanste hanste marna ho koi bas iss laddki se baat kar lo ek baar!! , such a sweet girl & humble always, but be careful of humor! :P meri ek hi bhai hai here undoubtedly ..much love to you dear

    @priya5 my third post in hindi..only one short & sweet comment is still there A buddy who talks less like she is constantly thinking too much, wondering what if? What else? Lost in her own universe & imaginations..yup that’s you Pri..always sweet & calm like a silent ocean..I will miss that decency & that soothing calmness a lot!! and wait no...I will come back to feel that calmness again my cute friend!

    @storm_rider and hail to the storm itself!! life’d get fade & all dull if I hadn’t that little shaking blazing storm in my mind! you are always my favourite sweet little puzzle like Ed Nygma finally gets his long brainy riddle! You are world to your friends but for me, you are not less than a universe Yeah right you won’t come under my spell of sweet words okay well, let’s see, I laugh, I lie, I humor, I fight, I flaunt kisses, I hurl slangs, I do a lot of things, but with whom? Ask yourself & listen to your mind un-biased. There are thousands of users not everyone deserved to get my time & love ..& you know what you really don’t need any of us perhaps, but we all need you stormy aur sabse jyada toh mujhe jarurat hai..meri English weak hai and I need to learn a lot from you! You are a brain of 200 year old caged in a body of an about to be adult! You said it yourself, you could be my chweeet lil sis, now you can’t pull yourself back buddy :D ! How you twist words are nothing to me, what matters most is the dedication & honesty you show for your people, you are a shield of vibranium for your people & I know that is true especially for me ;) so use slang, keep pulling my leg but just don’t go..you don’t go far from your people because of a few heated arguments, family is meant to stand united na? I will wait for your reply even if that’s for eternity, I don’t care, I just care about my li'l stormy that’s all.

    @unsaid_words2404 well well well, once Thomas Hobbes said “Curiosity is the lust of the mind”, If I agree with the said, this girl is way lustier than you can ever imagine , unsaid, whenever I see your questions I see a graceful mind who reads between the lines, it’s an honour that you read me! If somebody were to ask me to choose between a billion followers & you, every time you’d be my only clear choice. In some way, you taught me that all we crave for a handful real connections amid the crowd. You taught me how to ask, you taught me how to answer, you taught me how to go with the flow. Everyone including me seemed so busy in talking about broken hearts, bygones, you taught me how to move on.
    I have a lot to say about you but even if it does matter, it wouldn’t be enough. I can say you are a close friend to me even if I don’t know you very well ..You have a curious mind like a child, still your thinking is mature like a lady, but that’s all your traits, I don’t care for your traits anymore, all I see a strong girl with a lot of faith in people, in friends, in those, whom she considers her own. Again, I have a lot to say but same as you today I’ll live & left behind as "unsaid" ☺ just know that you are as amazing as a wonder woman, Princess Diana! :D don’t be a stranger buddy..☺

    Anyways,, there are actually more names to mention but time is not a friend & my baby fingers are already feeling highly obliged for those names .. Soulwriter & Jooliyah you are like my shadows, always there for me ❤..I thank you all, you all are my nearest & dearest ones, you have shown a lot of faith in me, and your love is unending that I know for sure. God bless you, Love you all!