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    So tell me have you ever questioned your own existence in this world of chicanery?
    Have you ever lost yourself in these tripping trails of world's erroneousness?

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    Have ever aurora brought the dusky shades?
    The stillness hasn't yet fade;
    Dimnishing colour of the soul witnesses abate,
    Though another evidence waits far by for its fate.

    Ever abruptly contentments are rushed by the gusty waves,
    Traversing by an air of despondency and you crave,
    The scar left behind by the falling leaves on the way to their grave,
    Flashbacks of encountering happiness; all could be done is just stare.

    The clouds of daze and the shower of misery,
    Sometimes rains also tells the account of doloured clouds,
    And the thoughts are wet in the ink of grief,
    Even after marshy notion, hands stuck brief.

    When the chimeras and fantasies are world,
    And later wondering was that faithful or trickery,
    The devastating dream with all the misery,
    And the misery wrapping around with a thing of witchery.

    So,have ever the brightful sun rays seemed not enough?
    Have ever the colourful petals exclamated with black texture?
    Have ever been piched by the old dreadful memories?
    Have ever been in this dilemma!!?
    blue_bird_ | Madhu Verma