• mayraichand 45w


    As i grew up
    I circumscribed myself
    I don't ride on swings
    I don't play games

    I wanted to be a grown up
    And i behaved like one
    Whenever it deluge
    I always kept myself in shade or under cover
    I never allowed myself to get drenched in the rain
    Like I used to when I was a kid

    I still remember the time when me and my friends used to run outside
    To watch the rain pouring
    And sail our paper made boats in the puddles
    I remember the time when I laughed
    I smiled
    I was happy and I played along my friends doing *chayi chapa chayi* gleefully in puddles

    I don't feel that happiness now
    That glee won't return I know

    Now, as I m an adult *I call myself so because I have become like one*
    I don't do anything for fun
    I don't have a lover as I don't believe in love
    I only believe in god and karma and so many things
    I don't play with my friends
    No cards, no badminton
    I have no such hobbies

    I still remember the time when I played *ghar ghar and doctor doctor with my friends*
    How we all were happy

    I thought being an adult would be fun
    Being serious and sophisticated person
    But while trying being all this I missed all the happy moments I could have cherished now
    I have lost all the happiness

    I again want to be a teenager
    And live my life to the fullest
    A normal one
    A cheerful
    Friendly and a gleeful one

    I sat on on my windowpane thinking about all this
    I made myself a cup of tea
    While drinking it I missed the feel of being drenched in the rain

    Soon it started raining
    I felt like it rained because I called it down here
    Down here to let me rewind the old happier memories which are just memories now
    Rain started knocking the window
    I opened it and watched the downpour
    The rain drops found their admittance and the droplets started coming inside with every wave of wind

    A droplet rested down on my hand
    I heard something
    I looked here and there to find out whose voice it was
    *hey m down here* it came again
    I saw the droplet down on my hand waving its hand at me
    I smiled at it
    The drop invited me to play outside with all its friends
    I denied
    But the kid in my heart pleaded me to agree
    I nodded at the droplet and made my way out to the garden
    I lived alone
    As soon as I stepped out of my house
    The droplets hit me hard
    I stepped back just like always
    But the droplet smiled at me
    I moved again forward
    I stood in the rain quiet for a while
    I allowed the water to drench me completely
    I allowed the rain to cool me down

    As soon as it happened I felt myself gleeful
    I went back inside and brought paper
    I made numerous paper boats and set them off in the puddles
    I did the same *chayi chapa chayi* dance
    And made sure no one's watching me
    I went out and ate bhutta like I used to before
    I ate bhelpuri
    And smiled
    The droplet still rested on my palm
    When it's other friends took it along back into the earth surface
    I smiled and silently thanked the raindrop
    A happy rain again brought out that kid in me
    Which soothed me
    Now I don't hide when it rains
    In fact I live life on its fullest
    I m a happier and an interesting person now
    No more a boring one

    *An adult with a kid's heart*