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    So on SPECIAL request this ones for you Vedi.. You are as I call you Vedi that is a utter idiot person. But at the same time you are just awesome and noone can deny your beauty. You are a very beautiful soul with a pure heart. You may be cranky sometimes (you go insane sometimes and drive everyone crazy��). You maybe a bit unpredictable but I guess I know you so much now that I can guess your next action. You are always opposite of what others talked about you.. when they said Egoistic I saw a self conscious girl. When they said "she had attitude" I saw a girl just wearing a mask of attitude to hide her flaws. Even with all that you go through you always carry a smile. You are seriously the most strong one I have ever met. And yes I am lucky enough to have crossed paths with you in my life. We have made some of the most memorable and beautiful memories together and yes we will keep making them. You will loved by me no matter what and you will never be alone because I'll be there whenever you need someone to laugh with, talk with , cry with, to take advice from(I am quite good at it��). Just be what you are because you are just perfect the way you are. You make me mad manier time but now I am used to it. And one serious advice "You look worst with dark circles. So babe get a good sleep everyday". And the best part about being with you talking about {73+} ����and all nonsense shit. You are just amazing and maybe the best person to be around. Sometimes you be so secretive I get irritated so please for heaven's above stop doing that. You are an angel and make peoples life beautiful so don't ever think that way again cause I'll be the one killing you right away. Stay blessed forever. We will be friends forever and always be a bit different from others cause we are unique. You are unique. You are father's princess. You are a friends pride. You are a brothers idol. You are a mavshi's adorable girl and a teacher's teachings.
    One last thing.
    I can't promise to wipe off all your tears but I won't let you cry alone and the one who made you cry won't be alive and thats a promise..����
    Love you a lot.
    Stay blessed and stay happy..
    You are just supercalifrajalisticexpealidociuos..
    Quite big one right.?

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    Love you babe..