• hunakunti 45w

    A dog left to die

    A dog as a baby loved by everybody, play with it , teach things to it, it understands it,moreover it finds a comfort a affection towards its owner..it even gets ready to throw his life in exchange of his owners safety..
    Just think it barks to its own kind, & even bites
    U may call it foolish
    But its not that
    It only admires one person and can do anything to protect you and just to satisfy you
    It only want safety of one person ,just because u gave it a little shelter for comfort and food to fill its stomach...regardless of what its doing ur one sound is enough to stop ,rise its ears and run towards u to hug u...u and only u is what it wants ...it may take a bruise but won't allow u to get a scratch..no matter its day or night..it will keep it's eye open so that you can sleep without any worries...
    What it get in return ??
    Some people kick it off as it gets old..just because it can't see properly , or hear...so what didn't it listened to every last thing u told doesn't it awaked in midnight just to bark on the stranger?...its at its retirement ..treat it well as it treated u till it had power in its muscle ..
    A dog is not just a animal, its a friend , part of a family ..a part of u..don't let it die in sorrow of heartbroken and die at a corner of a road bitten by other dogs and scratching for food..don't make it suffer ..even after its life it will want to join u..in heaven .its love has no limit no border line....its hard to find a friend like it which agrees to stay with u just because u one gave a piece of food ..that's what is love it can offer ....it can't speak out its pain..but till it can understand u ..every time it sees u it gets excited ..no person can be as it..its a great gift to have a dog..
    Don't make them vulnerable spices.. Live play enjoy and see ..you'll be thankfully to it..