• mymiend 50w


    Jackie if you are ever sad at night I hope you no that you are the most important things in this world I hope you know that as soon a I wake up you're the first thing on my mind the world has plans that teach us but everything happens for a reason. so love those who love you don't worry about those who gossip or are jealous of you. the world itself will take care of them.so you should love whoever loves you and stay away from those who don't love you. if your life didnt turn out the way you wanted to remember that in life there always Second Chances so appreciate a second chance
    people that don't accept your dreams there's the one that pretend to help you when really there roadblocks not there for help. life is too short to be miserable the harder the road is in your life the biger the reward .free your hart of hat so it could show othere don't be fooled like being told being happy is a perfect life a perfect life is when you value love and forgive those who hurt you