• amitansh_s 2w

    I don't hate!

    I love the thrill, you see adventure and travelling is
    already in my list but I am talking about the other
    The thrill of knowing someone and their pain, to let them uncloak in front of you. One dark gloomy night you have to make them understand that every puzzle is going to solve, you have to endure their pain and understand it. You'll have to live in their past. The responsibility to make a devastated person understand that they are okay, everyone is okay and there is hope where actually that person is feeling hopeless.

    Being with someone at their dark times is needed, to understand the complexity in them comfort them and it's interesting also to untangle the tangled dreams in them,
    to be there at night,
    after they have gone through hell,
    to comfort them that there is more to life than just
    sleepless nights.