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    I was going through the writer's network word of the day- portrait and came across the portrait below and immediately lovely thoughts overwhelmed me and i couldn't resist writing about it.

    She is a warrior without sword but with a heart so pure that she uses it to conquer everyone with love. She goes through immense pain just to bring you to this world and when that tiny 2/3 kg (may be more) crying wriggler with clenched hands comes out, it finally brings a smile on her face and also happy tears and alleviates all her pain instantly.
    She is always the first friend of a child who loves him/her unconditionally. She is the the one who understood your gibberish talks when you were a toddler- a two way communication but where one's sentences didn't make any sense still the other understood the meaning of it. She is the first person whom you want to tuck you into the bed when you were a child and fall asleep cuddling her, she is the one you want beside you when you have nightmares.
    She is the first one you remember when you have fever, she will tend to you all night even though she might herself be suffering from fever or exhausted from work. She is the one with whom you wanted to share your feelings with when you meet your first friend, first crush, your first win. She is always there to support you in your hard times, cheer for you in your successes, to berate you in your wrongs. She is a mind reader, she could sense your feelings from far away, your highs and lows (lows especially..it is still an enigma to me how she can sense us so far away��).

    I could go on and on when describing "an angel without wings" on earth but i need to put a brake here for even a long post will fall short and will not be able to explain fully the love, pain, suffering a mother goes through and do justice to her role. An angel who nurture a child to breathe, to live and to fly even though she might herself be sacrificing all her happiness/wishes/dreams in the process.

    I bow down to all the beautiful mothers out there and i am deeply grateful to them for showering us with unconditional love. It is not that she loves only her child, for i have friends whose mother's also treat me like their own child, scolding me whenever i make mistakes�� and forces me an extra serving of food on my plate for she believes i am still famished and emaciated in her eyes. Such pure love.❤

    Happy mother's day to all the lovely moms out there❤❤❤


    Image is credited to google.

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