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    This thought was going in mind and just thought of jotting it down. I wish I could change such people or simply kill them with my pious hands.

    And if you read this whole long post, thank you so much for taking out time and giving it a read. Lots of love❤

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    So Called Scholars

    "People say marks don't matter, your personality does.
    But I know deep within my heart, that yes marks do matter, somewhere they do help in making your personality.
    Marks and grades do help in building up your attitude."

    ~Sharing my personal experience.~

    In my class, I know many toppers and scholars, who are far better than me in studies as well as co- curriculum activities. Ninety percentage of them are arrogant, rude,self centered, selfish and irritating fellows. Merely, two or three aren't arrogant. The others have their chests filled with pride just because they go to the city's best school, and many prestigious institutions. They exploit the students who can't grasp things fast as they can. They don't allow or I can say demotivate the students who are trying to come up in the class. Such pupils later in their life may suffer from a very dangerous phobia/fear, called 'stage fear'. They ultimately lose all the courage and confidence they had and fear that people will laugh on them, if they blurted out something incorrect.
    Such demotivators often showcase their smartness or I shall say over smartness in the class, thereby disturbing other pupils who want to gain knowledge. One of their main dirty trick is to distract the class, not let other people study well, and earn good grades at the end. And if they have attractive physical looks, they gain popularity and get another reason to humiliate others on the basis of their appearance. And many a times they don't even respect the teacher, the teacher who works so hard and gives one of the best thing they could ever, that is, education, knowledge and wisdom.

    I wonder do such toppers really succeed in life? Does karma give them back what they did to others? Do such, so called scholars(I prefer to call them buttheads) even realize their mistakes or they continue to fly in the sky of fake pride and prejudice? Do they even know what that victim (student) would be passing through because of them?