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    Bookworm Alert!
    Once I am free, I am gonna read sooo much. Anyways, I wanna know the books which are worth reading. I know this website is filled with amazing, well-read, intellectual people.
    I may as well hold a debate someday too ������ (not bad idea though, @kirtijain what do ya, and of course you reader, say)
    #books #bookworm #quote #poll #you #opinion

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    Opinion Poll

    Reading is one of the most evergreen joys of life. Whether you are a kindergarten-er close to you 'Red Riding Hood' or a teenager being drawn to 'Looking For Alaska' or an adult with 'You can win' as a guide. Books are an integral part of life and the ones who don't read. "You are missing out on something magical" is all I can say.

    So, my fellow Mirakeeans, I urge you to take this poll,

    Name your favourite book.
    Write it's description in less than 50 words.
    And quote your favourite line from it.