• snow_musings 49w

    And then sometimes, when life gives me a chance to stay happy forever, I see my demons creeping from the darkroom. It is the room where I believe I locked them for good, but somehow they manage to find their way back into my lobby, where I want to await every new situation life challenges me with. Everytime I wish to start fresh, the past keeps pulling me back, despite the fact that everytime I do stuff them away into my darkroom. Perhaps I don't lock it properly, perhaps it is full, more than it could hold or perhaps, it is a sign that I need to venture into that room once, or just maybe it is where I belong, into the mysteries it holds back, yet unveiled. This is the part where I'm demanded to act mature, because it is my life and I wish to be happy, I wish to resolve all of its helixes.I wish to address all of my moods, and those unattended wounds.I'm inching towards happiness. It will take some time, may be take some toll on me. But I will encrypyt it one day.