• _pooja_rawat 53w

    Finding shine in the stars and the moon, you ignored your own shine. Helping others with fighting their own pain, you ignored your own pain.

    Healing others' wounds, you ignored your own wounds. Untangling their mess, you ignored your own mess. Listening their tales, you ignored your own tales.

    Talking about life with them, you ignored your own life. In the journey of bringing them out of their cage, you caged yourself instead.

    Taking every single blame on yourself, you spread your warmth like nothing happened at all. Even getting hurt day by day, you never let that love fade for them.

    You give them their freedom and they take it as a liberty to do anything with you. But you didn't say a single thing.

    This is what makes you, who you are today. This is the reason why you are strong yet weak at 3 a.m. But I know you know how to hold yourself up and smile like nothing happen.