• asmita__ 15w

    I'm filled with so much of anger
    But I keep it buried somewhere
    Because I'm afraid what it might cause
    I'm filled with so much of hatred
    And I keep it buried somewhere
    Afraid it will harm someone
    I'm having so much of mood swings
    That I feel people close to me
    Who are a victim of it
    Will leave me someday
    I know so many of the truth
    They think I don't know
    Or am completely oblivion about
    But I keep mum to not make them feel bad
    Feel bad about themselves
    Feel bad about what they really are
    And because I believe despite all vices
    Every human has a potential to be nicest of all
    In fact
    I'm full of so many vices
    But I always try to be good to anyone around until someone starts scratching
    The wounds that needs to be healed
    Because I believe
    I still have hope to be someone
    Someone who is not so mean...
    Because I believe people can be saved...
    Because I believe I can be saved...