• theink_orlaraven 46w

    Fallout Trust

    I guess I'm wrong
    I leaned on you
    I sincerely believed in you
    You brought me up
    From nothing into something
    Right now I'm broken down
    Everything turn back down
    My dream shattered
    Upside down
    But still I'm struggled
    I learned from hardness
    I rebuild my dream again
    You're my everything
    You showed and gave me all the things that the world couldn't
    The things beyond what we seen
    I want you to believe in me
    I want you to lean on me
    But, why can't you do that?
    Am I not worth to be there for you?
    Why did you gave me everything and at the end you care nothing about my dream?
    Why can't you lean on me?
    Its not worth, I guess.
    Therefore I'll close my eyes
    I'll swallow everything
    I'll rebuild my dream again
    Just for me
    Cause I love myself even more than before
    But still don't forget that
    I'll always be there for you