• khristiline 1w

    Have you ever had a Best Friend ? Like, a person you found to be the biggest joke you took when you first talked to him. A person, who when tried to talk to you, you treated him like a bloody nasty shit. But then something happened and you fell in love with those "chats". "Something" which is the hardest of all to describe. A person whom you saw but never met and never had a chat in person.

    As days passed, the very same person started to break the walls you created around you. And suddenly he tried to break the lock of your room. The door which you closed for everyone, the door which once shattered you, he tried to open. He tried to break. You did every possible thing to push it harder from the other end. But he won.

    He entered and then you screamed. Yelled. Shouted. Pushed harder. You pushed him out of your room and closed the door. You blocked him. But you were scared. Scared of what ? The broken lock and something more. Something more. What ? You saw around and you cried like a hurricane. Those walls were now broken in a manner from where he could climb. The door doesn't matter. You did every possible thing to hide.

    Gosh, how you craved to tell him everything you had been hiding but you didn't, because your heart kept reminding you of your "beliefs". You wanted to stop the time and feel, feel the sound of the nature and the silence of yourself beside him. The moment ended with memories. The forever memories.

    Days passed. You finally let him in and accepted that you cannot stop this creature from getting in your life. You grew close and then more close and then more. You trusted him. And you told him everything. Everything. Even the deepest secrets which you thought you can never tell anyone. He listened without judging and he understood.

    God! He began to mean so so much to you. You started laughing and crying together. Was there for each other. Listened to each other whims. Created and cherished your memories and the time spend with him? Every single moment with him was treasured and just when. Just when just when everything was going smoothly in your life and just when you thought your happiness was this.

    Just when everything in your life was falling right, life decided to snatch him away from you. Like life took away everything from you before. History repeated itself.
    My happiness wasn't stagnant.
    My happy is as hollow as a pin pricked egg.
    My happy is a high fever that will break.

    And my happiness broke.

    February 20th, 2017.

    My happiness left.

    Cancer took him away.

    Depression came back, anxiety got hold of me. Loneliness, sadness, disorders, my family broke. I gained everything back. But I didn't get back my best friend.
    And this time no one was there to break them all and the walls grew more strong. Stronger.