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    ||Today a fellow mirakean and one of my best friends here is celebrating her birthday,,,,join me in pouring on the noblest person the sweetest wishes to make it her the most memorable day of her life....||

    ���� please like and share ,and make my effort of bringing the long lasting smile on her cutest and innocent face, successful..������

    Dearest @basra_irshad

    You are one of the Almighty Allah's
    dearest and fairest angels sent down in human form.
    For me you are one of the noblest,most loving and caring soul to have met on MIRAKEE.

    I love you the most and wish you the happiest ever birthday of your life.And I pray to Allah to bestow upon you His choicest blessings now and ever.
    May this day prove the harbinger of peace, prosperity and success in your life.
    May you only taste the delicious moments in your life and may the pains never dare to perturb your innocent soul.
    For I know you bear the tenderest soul and rear the purest emotions.
    I wish you be besieged only by the loveliest and the most faithful people.
    May the beautiful smile always ornate your beautiful face.
    And may you achieve all that your deserve.
    Happy birthday to you once again.

    Much love to you my dearest sister����������

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    Happy birthday to the sweet soul