• annamaerae 5w

    Beanie 1 (e)

    Class started. It ended. I'm relieved once again this is my last day. First period. Second period. Lunch
    An apple sits on my tray. One of four to digest. Spitting out the waffle earlier was a saving grace. One particular diet named after fairytale idols hit a reset for me last week. I failed after the water fast, but I will try again.
    How am I supposed to put myself through rigorous schooling if I weigh more than 130?
    "Hiya!" Kelsey rushes me from behind.
    I sneer over my shoulder at her. She winces. "Cranky much?"
    "Only always." The end of my plastic straw is chewed to bits, so mangled it now hurts my lips to wrap around.
    "Well, I don't want to sound like a know-it-all, but maybe if you ate a little more often you wouldn't get so hangry all the time." Kelsey slid her tray along the table. I breathe in the smell of chili dogs, cheese, and french fries. 'She won't even gain a pound.' The girl was a binge-eater that maintained the perfect weight of 145 (given her height). If you excluded the extra junk in her trunk, she would be the ideal stick-figure model you see in magazines.
    I hate her for it.
    Getting up, I move over to the steel railing encircling a block of cement steps, trees, and a walkway leading to the second level of the building's west wing. This was how I burned off steam- by burning off calories.
    'One, and two, and three...' I count to myself, maintain breathing, and pleat with perfect posture. Kelsey sees me do this all the time, so it's no surprise to her. While she is stuffing her face, other students notice me. A few point. Some girls giggle. I hear what they're saying again-
    'Look at her! Show off!'
    'She's too fat to dance.'
    'She's too skinny to do anything else!'
    'Mommy paid for her full tuition. Loaded big bucks from her third husband's alimony.'
    'RICH bitch.'
    Breathing...breathing...pleat. I sweep my arms open and let my toes separate, heels lifting high when I dip down. My ankles are stronger, much stronger than when I started. I like that.
    "What did Jared say?" Kelsey's mouth is full of chili dog, some dribbling down her chin.
    I shrugged. "Nothing important." Yet. It would be a matter of time. While I rise again, my eyes scan the yard. Was he looking for me? Or did he just give up?