• seerah_seeru 12w

    They say...

    They say strong I am but they don't know the weak person living inside me.

    They throw arrows on me calling me a hard one but they can't feel how much it hurts.

    They call me fake, a cheater,a changed one but they don't realise their activities made me so.

    They say I am feelingless, emotionless but they don't know being so is also a feeling also an emotion.

    They say I am a smiley but they can't see the pain behind my smile.

    They say I am silent but they can't hear the voice crying inside me.

    They say I am alone as they can't find peace in their own company.

    It's me ..it's me....they say...they just say but they don't know their words are piercing knives through my heart...

    They just say. ..