• darrshna 23w

    Sometimes words just float in front of my eyes, and something beyond my eyes see it!
    It sounds pathetic but can't help about it!

    When you start feeling, feelings not yet in dictionary evolve!

    Sabrominata ��

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    Just smiling in the morning !

    The absurd meaninglessness of all of it!?

    Life is still, yet overwhelming.

    Protecting the best way possible ,

    Subconscious mind playing wicked,

    and I am not the things I feel the biggest happiness from¡!

    Neither I am the way I smile ¡

    How to recognize real me

    The me in me

    The beauty and the beast sitting inside

    Still breathing pacifying ¡!

    And then the smile broadens.

    There are some things I want to tell me

    And then there are things I don't!¡