• salaam 53w

    I am very bad at Story-telling ��
    I wish someone could tolerate my immature prose skills.
    Do comment if you dare to read ��
    #horror #paranormal #dreams #astralProjections
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    She brushed and got ready for bed
    It was like any other night but the
    Full moon was no where to be seen
    From the window by her bed
    Clouds thundering and leaves rustling
    The thunder sparked on flickering streetlight
    On which a crow was sitting, drenched in rain
    As if it did'nt need to add to the horror scene
    She had a choice to make, after thinking alot She turned the light off
    and relied on the lightening sparks of rain
    To guide her to bed
    The storm outside ceased
    She opened her eyes to see but it was
    No different than the eyes closed
    Analyzing her position on bed she
    Tried to outline things in the room
    There is the TV at the center
    On the right corner the wardrobe
    And... wait... what is that?
    She pulled the blanket and
    Draped it around her face
    Something or someone was there
    She started chanting prayers and hoping
    That it didnt notice that she saw it
    Trembling, she tried hard to pretend
    That she was sleeping
    Her mind was blank
    After a while she fell asleep
    The clock chimed 2 AM
    She was awake all of a sudden
    Something felt on her as if the air
    Around was getting heavier
    Tried to move her hand but all in vain
    She was pinned
    Dared to open her eyes
    Two big red eyes
    She poped out of the bed
    Pushing anything that was on her
    Screaming at her top, she rushed
    Near the door and switched on the lights Surprisingly, no one came
    Collecting her courage
    She looked around
    There was no one in the room
    Except her, lying in the bed