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    I have read and wrote a lot of stuff about what girls women and the feminine goes through but today just a slight change I want to express on what he feels when the pain is inflicted ,
    About two in five of all victims of domestic violence are men, We as humans have failed once again neglecting what our own men are facing the pain they are daily enduring
    but the questions is why dont we accept the cry of a man? why dont we hear the pain of a man?
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    The right to cry,
    was something I was taught, not to try.
    The emotion of pain and fear,
    am once again denied my dear.
    No matter how hard I tried to show,
    the scars were hidden,
    but bothered to know.
    those sights of horror,
    I had to bear,
    For I was denied the right to allow my tears.
    Beaten ,squeezed ,I screamed,
    everyone paid a deaf ear,
    for I wasnt supposed to be weak!
    those haunting nights,
    yet scare me ,even in the day lights!
    I shiver and fear ,but to care,
    for I am denied the right to allow my tears.