• kitkat_16 5w

    Eternal Spell

    Mirror mirror on the wall
    Your clear facade caused me to fall
    I looked into the depths of your soul and found myself.
    Crying, screaming, and yelling for help.
    I saw the broken girl who looked deep into your center.
    The girl you had captured and dared to enter.
    You let me see how far I had sunk into my own despair .
    I thought it was a dream.
    I thought it was a joke.
    Sadly I was mistaken, because what I saw lurking beneath your reflection brought me to tears.
    This was reality, this was real.
    I tried to escape the dark abyss, that
    held broken dreams and nightmares on its walls.
    The same godforsaken memories that caused me to fall.
    Sounds of screams rushed through my spine.
    Telling me that it was finally time.
    To look away from your crystal clear reflection, to run away.
    Before I turned into the heartless soul that trapped itself in your eternal spell.