• dependable_person 50w


    Fear of being a failure that linger inside, in fragments scattered all over the nerves that keep us alive..!!
    Growing every day and night, Fear! just make a home that's haunt's the soul that gives strength to life..!!
    Haunting us in our dreams everytime, appearing as Nightmares that snatch away the little hope that we have inside..!
    Forcing us to wake from sleep and leaving scars of failure as mark on our body..!
    I have a question bouncing in my mind..!?
    Aren't we giving chance?
    To our fear of failure to take control over our life..!?
    Aren't we letting ourselves to fall week everytime..!
    I mean yes we can fight right!?
    We could uproot the fear that living inside..!
    I'mean we can fight back the fear of failure that making home to haunt us day en night..!
    As everytime we fail we should build up strength..!! To fight back and achieve what we all deserve.!!
    Success! To win in life..!
    As no one is failure just the fear that haunt inside loosens our strength to think for a while..!
    Strength to build our own life..!
    Fuck! Failure, as we have our strengths for to succeed in our lives..!!